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GreenSun Energy Ltd. is a Jerusalem based research company dedicated to developing, producing, and selling new generation solar panel systems for the production of electricity.

GreenSun pioneered innovative technology which drastically decreases the cost of producing electricity from solar energy, while increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the solar panels. Soon, GreenSun will revolutionize the energy industry by making solar energy economically sustainable and competitive with fossil fuels for the first time.

GreenSun's objective is to be the technological trendsetter, market leader, and supplier of choice for high-efficiency green electrical power systems. The Company plans to accomplish this by producing advanced photovoltaic solar panel systems which will cost less, be more efficient, and provide better ROI than any product currently on the market. Eventually, GreenSun's solar panels will transcend the current limits of the alternative energy industry by providing superior cost-efficiency benefits than fossil fuel.

The technology is based on research done by our former CTO Prof. Reisfeld for the last 20 years. In the past two years, further development by the GreenSun research team has reached  impressive commercial results. Recently we have been featured in the Economist as well as National Geographic.  To read about us in the news, we have provided the links below.

Recent News:  

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