Management Team


Shimon Hefetz, Brig. General (Ret.) - Member of the Board of Directors. Gen. Hefetz has been Aide-de Camp to Minister of Defense Yitzhak Rabin, also to past Presidents of Israel, Ezer Weitzman and Moshe Katzav, as well as to President Shimon Peres. Gen. Hefetz serves as Director of Israel Petrochemicals and is a member of the Board of Governors of the Haifa University. Gen. Hefetz has deep interest and is active on issues of sustainability and renewable energy.

Mr. Amnon Leikovich

CEO, Founder, Director – Shareholder

Cell: +972-544-399-007

 Mr. Eitan Shmueli

COO, Founder, Director – Shareholder

Cell: +972-545-653-180

Mr. Steven Siegelaub

CFO, Chief Financial Officer, Director

Cell: +1 954 445-8804

Mr. Gideon Ben Ami

CNO, Chief Network Officer,

Cell: +972 52 325-6011



Our Advisory Board

Professor Samuel Kenig Scientific Advisor
Professor Hanna Dodiuk Scientific Advisor
Mr. Arie Sharon Economist & CPA (Israel)- Financial Advisor



Scientific Information:
Advantages of Solar energy
Facts about the sun

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