Prof. Renata Reisfeld


Prof. Renata Reisfeld - (our former CTO)

Professor of chemistry Enrique Berman chairperson, Solar energy - Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Conducting research on spectroscopy of rare earth, Sol-Gel glasses, complexes of rare earths, Nano-technology and fiber optical communication 

The author of more than 500 publications on the subject of Sol-Gel glass, chemical - optical properties of glasses and related compounds, including mostly original papers and contributions to handbooks of Rare Earths materials, Tunable Lasers, Sol-Gel Technology and Solar Energy 

About 200 invited and plenary lectures at International conferences 

Many international patents have been registered in her name, She has 2 Honoris Causa Doctorates - University of Lyon (1993), University of Bucharest (1999) and Professor Honoris Causa from the Polish Academy of Science, Wroclaw (2005) 

Professor Reisfeld is an expert in solar energy and related fields and is considered an international authority on energy conversion and concentration

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